The Importance of Asphalt Maintenance

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The Importance of Asphalt Maintenance

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All asphalt pavement requires maintenance and repairs, so that you can minimize the deterioration which naturally occurs. Of course, there are other factors involved with asphalt breakdown as well, namely the traffic load, exposure to solvents, and moisture penetration. If you don’t perform regular maintenance to your asphalt pavement, you can count on it degrading at a relatively rapid pace. Maintaining an asphalt surface is extremely important, because it allows for safer roadway travel, and in residential situations, it provides for much greater aesthetic appeal. When your asphalt pavement is well-maintained, it will be much more appealing, and more advantageous to a homeowner or a business owner who is trying to attract potential customers to an establishment. 

Maintaining parking lots

You might not think that it’s very important to maintain your asphalt parking lot in best condition, but anytime asphalt becomes damaged, it gets extremely frustrating to a customer as well as the parking lot owner. No one wants to pull into a parking lot and have to be constantly on the lookout for cracks or potholes. This can cause damage to your vehicle tires, and once an asphalt surface becomes damaged, it can lead to even more problems. If you don’t address cracks and potholes when they first appear, you can bet they will worsen into even bigger problems, and that will cost you a great deal more money.

Maintaining HOAs, apartment complexes, and businesses 

When you’re the person in charge of keeping an asphalt surface maintained and looking neat, you should be inspecting the surface periodically for the appearance of cracks and other signs of deterioration. Whatever kind of business you might have, or whatever type of housing complex you’re in charge of, having a poorly-maintained asphalt surface will undoubtedly deter new clients and new business.

This can cost you money in terms of having subpar presidency in an apartment complex, and as a business owner, it will probably cause customers to shun your establishment. If a customer has a choice between a well-kept area around the business, and one which is unsightly and degraded, they will generally choose the more appealing one. So if you don’t maintain the area around your business adequately, you’re probably losing all kinds of money in terms of patronage.

Maintaining driveways

If you’re like most people, you’ll use your driveway several times a day going in and out to work, shopping malls, and other needs you have around town. While driveways are typically subjected to much less traffic than other asphalt surfaces, they’re still subject to the normal wear and tear of weather conditions. For instance, the freezing and thawing cycles which typically occur during winter can wreak havoc on an asphalt surface.

Cracks can form easily, and material will then get into these cracks and widen them. If you have an asphalt surface for your driveway, and it begins to deteriorate in this way, your curb appeal will diminish, and it may even create a hazard for parking in the driveway. In order to increase the lifespan of your asphalt driveway, you can resurface it with a seal coating material, but you should also do a good job of maintaining the surface, so it can perform at its best.

Maintaining roadways 

When you’re responsible for maintaining asphalt roadways, the emphasis is not so much on getting repairs done to avoid greater cost. Instead, the safety factor is one that cannot be overlooked, because when potholes or large cracks begin to form in an asphalt surface, they can be downright dangerous to motorists. Of course, there’s also the element of maintaining the surface in good shape so that a complete replacement is not necessary, but the primary consideration for maintaining roadways should always be the safety Factor.

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