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If you own a business in Maryland, you know how important it is to have a well-maintained and safe parking lot. Not only is it a reflection of your business, but it also ensures that your customers and employees have a safe place to park their vehicles. That’s where our parking lot paving services come in! We service

  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Farms
  • Trailer Parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Lumber yards
  • Trucking Facility 

Parking Lot Maintenance

Property managers and owners have a lot to deal with when it comes to maintaining the property. One of the most important maintenance items is the parking lot. An asphalt parking lot offers many advantages for your business due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and low impact on the environment.

After all, a well-maintained parking lot improves the curb appeal of your property. Your parking lot is the first thing your customers see when they enter your property. If it does not look nice, you risk making a bad first impression.

Properly maintaining your parking lot also improves the safety of your property. Research from the National Safety Council indicates that more than 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots every year. These accidents are responsible for 60,000+ injuries and 500+ deaths. While most of these accidents are due to distracted drivers, many are also caused by faded markings, potholes, and poor lighting.

The best way to maintain your asphalt parking lot is to partner with a professional such as Capital Paving and Sealcoating. We have been in business since 1956. We maintain our small business values and customer loyalty, but we are large enough to handle your commercial parking lot needs. 

Professional Maintenance Tasks

Below are a few things to consider when it comes to maintaining your parking lot. Below are some of the services we offer at Capital Paving and Sealcoating.

Winterize Your Parking Lot

The best time for inspecting and repairing your parking lot is before winter. Repairs can be difficult during the colder months, especially in areas that receive moderate to heavy snow. When inspecting your parking lot, we look for the following issues:

  • Potholes
  • Faded markings
  • Snowplow scratches
  • Cracks

We can address these issues with parking lot patch repair, sealcoating, crack filling, and more.


From the moment your asphalt parking lot is laid, it is exposed to a variety of elements including UV rays, rain, traffic, chemicals, and so much more. Over time, these elements begin to take a toll, and cracks, potholes, and more begin to appear.

Parking lot sealcoating is designed to protect the surface of your parking lot. When you start to notice small cracks in the pavement, it’s important to schedule sealcoating as soon as possible. This is one of the most cost-effective repair/maintenance options and will help you prevent major repairs in the future.

Sealcoating improves the durability of your asphalt surface and typically lasts for 3 to 5 years. In addition to improving durability, sealcoating also gives your parking lot a makeover, making it look new again.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Parking lot resurfacing is common for commercial properties, This is the process of applying 1.5 to 2 inches of new asphalt over the old. This is much more cost-effective than having the parking lot replaced and will add another 8 to 15 years to the lifespan of your asphalt.

Before resurfacing, any issues with the old layer will need to be addressed first. This includes patch repair, crack fill, and more.

DIY Maintenance Tasks

There are a few parking lot maintenance tasks that you can do on your own to keep your parking lot safe and looking nice:

Apply Fresh Paint

Over time, due to exposure to UV rays, rain, chemicals, and more, your parking lot striping fades. Therefore, it’s important to freshen them up from time to time. After all, the pale, faded lines are difficult to see during the winter months

Clean Oil/Gas Deposits

Chemicals from vehicles seep into the asphalt and begin to break it down. Therefore, it’s important to pressure wash it 2 to 3 times a year to remove these deposits.

Inspect Drainage System

When you are inspecting your parking lot, you should also pay attention to the drainage system to prevent blockage. A blocked drainage system can cause a variety of issues in the future. Therefore, make sure that water ca flow freely off of your parking lot.

Keep it Clean

In order to ensure your parking lot is safe and aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to clean it daily. After all, debris and grime deposits can cause damage to the surface and the support layer of the asphalt. Therefore, take the time to sweep your parking lot on a daily basis. In addition, take time to remove branches, dried leaves, etc.

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