Commercial Sealcoating & Crack Fill in Maryland

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The first thing a potential customer or passerby notices about a business is the health of the parking lot. The parking lot, or drive, of a business is the initial first impression that people get, and you will want it to be advantageous to draw them in.

After the original paving installation is complete, it is essential to begin a regularly scheduled maintenance program to extend the life of your commercial investment.  Capital Paving & Sealcoating provides cost-effective sealcoating services and crack filling to assist you in maintaining your pavement.

Sealcoating & Crack Fill Services include:

  • Entrance Roads
  • Marina Parking Lots
  • School Parking Lots
  • Auto Sales Parking Lots
  • Hospital Parking Lots
  • Restaurants Parking Lots
  • Office & Retail Parking Lots

Entrance roads, driveways, and parking lots garner a lot of abuse daily from natural elements, chemicals, and daily traffic flow. Some of the things that can negatively affect your asphalt are:

  • Water & Varying Temperatures.
  • UV Rays from the sun.
  • Salt treatments during the winter months.
  • Gas, oil, and other leaking chemicals from vehicles.
  • The load bearing of cars and trucks.

Deterioration of Asphalt

Deterioration of asphalt is inevitable due to nature and other factors. 

When you consider that asphalt is a careful mixture of stone, rock, and tar (binder), it becomes evident that the elements and daily traffic flow will affect the surface of your pavement.

The beginning stages of wear are visible on the surface of asphalt and will indicate when you should consider sealcoating. It will appear first as oxidation, along with cracks and loose stones.  Oxidation is the damage from UV rays, and your pavement will shift from a deep rich black to grey. UV rays also affect your line stripping and cause them to fade.

As cracks grow larger, they allow more water and chemicals to penetrate and speed up the process of weakening the pavement. If cracking is left untreated, it will then result in potholes which can create a lot of issues.

Once your driveway or parking lot develops potholes, they can become a costly liability. Potholes and damaged asphalt can cause damage to your customer’s vehicle. The worst scenario is if a patron were to gain personal injury from the damaged pavement, it could result in unexpected out-of-pocket costs if you are found to be responsible.

Lifespan of Pavement

However, the lifespan of your pavement can be extended with proper care and maintenance with crack filling & sealcoating services.

Sealcoating is essentially replacing the tar that deteriorates within your asphalt while at the same time providing a solid protective barrier. The barrier will block moisture, gas and oils, and other chemicals, such as salt treatments, from getting down into the asphalt mixture.

Sealcoating also provides a “facelift” to the appearance of your asphalt by restoring its original black luster.

On average, we recommend seal coating every two to three years to prevent significant damage from growing cracks and to restore its beauty.

Capital Paving & Sealcoating believes that the drive and parking lot of your business should be aesthetically pleasing and give your customers the best first impression that you deserve.  It is equally important for your customers to have safe and easy access to your business.

We understand these needs and provide various services to help you maintain your paving investment. Our services include sealcoating, crack filling, pothole repair, line stripping, and more.

We are a family-owned business that started in 1956 and are experts in our industry. If you are new to the world of paving and sealcoating, we are here to help you every step of the way. We begin with a free one-on-one estimate and give you a detailed scope of work with our recommendations. Contact us today and let us help you solve your traffic flow issues, and we will help you start planning your paving project!

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