Should You Hire a Professional Paving Contractor?

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Should You Hire a Professional Paving Contractor?

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With the immense amount of DIY videos and television shows out today, you might think that paving is an easy project to accomplish.  With spring around the corner, you may already be contemplating what projects you will tackle when the weather warms up, and paving your driveway might be one of them. You may also be wondering if I should hire a professional paving contractor.  Capital Paving & Sealcoating is a professional paving contractor near Gambrills, Maryland, and we are here to answer that question for you today.

Can I pave my driveway?

You may be tempted to take on the project of paving your driveway or parking area at home, but let me ask you a question: do you have the proper equipment or expertise to do so?

Paving with asphalt is not merely throwing down the paving material and waiting for it to set up so you can drive on its surface. It may look simple, but it requires knowledge of paving materials, how to mix them, and heavy equipment to complete a paving project.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Paving Contractor

The number one benefit of hiring a paving contractor is that they are covered by insurance. If something is damaged, someone gets hurt, or something else goes wrong, it will be covered. Imagine if you have a friend or two over to your home and they get hurt during the project. Who will have to cover their expenses? You, as the homeowner, would have to cover any damage to persons or property.

Additionally, the equipment involved in heating and applying an asphalt mixture correctly is expensive and requires knowledge to operate. Of course, you can rent some equipment, such as a dump truck and roller, but by the time you invest in learning it and returning it, you have lost money. A professional contractor already has the necessary equipment and can operate quickly and efficiently. Besides, some tools and equipment require a license to use on-site.

Knowledge and expertise are crucial to completing an asphalt paving job that will last. For example, a professional paving contractor will know how to grade an area for water run-off accurately and what kind of subbase is needed, and how thick it will need to be. If you attempt to pave your driveway, you will be experimenting and more prone to making costly mistakes. If we make a mistake in paving someone’s driveway or parking lot, we can quickly fix the issue at our cost.

Hiring someone else to pave your driveway will save you time. Everyone’s time is valuable, and paving your own drive will take time away from what you enjoy doing most. Professional contractors have the equipment and staff to finish paving jobs quickly and efficiently. What could take you a week to complete on your own, we could achieve in a day.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, a paved driveway will require maintenance every 3-5 years through sealcoating.

Sealcoating, also known as pavement sealing, is applying a protective layer of binder to keep out elements such as water, oils, UV damage, and more. The adhesive that holds asphalt, which is petroleum-based, breaks down over time. Applying seal coating replenishes this binder and restores the deep, rich luster of black to your aging pavement while extending its lifespan.

When you hire a professional paving contractor to complete your driveway, they can advise you on the unique needs of your pavement. Then, when the time comes, they can return and help you maintain your drive for as long as you own the property.

Paving might seem simple, with abundant resources online and elsewhere guiding the process. However, Capital Paving & Sealcoating strongly advises opting for a professional contractor, such as ourselves. Should you have any inquiries about paving your driveway, feel free to contact us today for a complimentary quote!

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