Why Should I Have My Pavement Seal Coated?

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Why Should I Have My Pavement Seal Coated?

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A seal coated pavement is long lasting and economical. It is a thin liquid added over pavement surfaces. It retains the newness and aesthetic view of the pavement. It does this by hindering external activities from having any deteriorating effect on the pavement. In this post, we will be discussing some of the reasons why your pavement should be seal coated.

Minimizes effects of oil on the pavement

With oil trucks plying through a pavement, there is a high tendency of oil spilling from this truck unto the pavement. Without seal coating, an increased spilling of oil will seep into the baseline of the pavement. This weakens the layers thereby damaging the pavement. This won’t happen if the asphalt pavement is seal coated. The seal coat will hinder the permeability of the oil into the layers of the pavement thereby retaining the sturdiness and durability of the pavement.

Accelerates melting of snow and ice on pavement

When the pavement freezes, it causes change of shape of the pavement. It therefore leads to some costly effects such as potholes on the pavement caused by freezing and thawing of snow and ice. This event can be prevented by coat sealing the pavement, since it fastens the thawing process of snow and ice thereby mitigating any chance of freezing of the pavement to occur.

Seal coating protects the surface from the deteriorating effect of the weather

An asphalt pavement becomes brittle when exposed to weather conditions such as the sun, wind and rain water. This is because of the oxidation which occurs under the baseline of the pavement which leads to the hardening. The asphalt loses its resilience to temperature and pressure. It begins to crack leaving the pavement in a deteriorative state. Sealcoat forestall this from occurring by providing a shield to the pavement. It slows down the oxidation process and helps the pavement to shed water, hindering it from entering the base of the pavement.

Increase in surface friction

The material from the asphalt pavement begins to wear with time as a result of the human activities on it. This leads to what is known as raveling. As the pavement loses its coarseness, therefore becoming smooth it loses its friction. This loss of friction can be detrimental to cars plying this asphalt pavement. A seal coat increases the pavement texture and in turn, the friction.

There you have it! All the above are some of the benefits why you should have your pavement seal coated. Get your asphalt pavement seal coated every one to three years depending on the amount of traffic received by the surfaces. This will keep it functional, durable, and attractive.

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