Can you pave over old asphalt?

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Can you pave over old asphalt?

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Properly installed asphalt can last 20 to 30 years, especially if maintained correctly. Maintenance involves a number of responsibilities such as routine cleaning, repairing the damage, regulating drainage and seal coating, to name a few. Once the asphalt surface has reached the end of its lifespan, many wonder if it’s time for a new surface entirely or if the old surface can be paved over. Both are options. 

The layer of asphalt over the original is called an overlay and can offer an additional 10-15 years to the life of the surface. We highly recommend that skilled professionals perform the work of overlaying an asphalt driveway or parking lot. While it may seem like an easy task, it’s very tedious. The team at Capital Paving is experienced in installing overlays and would love to work with you on this project. 

Before deciding to repave your surface, there are a number of thoughts to consider.

1). Cost: Assess your budget and determine how much you can spend on resurfacing your asphalt. The total cost is affected by geographic locations, size of the driveway or parking lot, condition of the current surface, as well as other factors.

2). Existing damage: Before an overlay can be installed, existing damage must be repaired. Whether your surface has cracks, potholes, ruts or other types of damage, be sure to get these fixed before beginning the overlay process. Also, keep in mind that if the cracks go all the way to the base of the existing surface, an overlay may not be an option. If damage is very severe, the original driveway may have to be dug up and a brand new one installed.

3). Weather: Weather affects everything, even asphalt. The best time to resurface your driveway is late spring through the summer months. Warm weather is more conducive to paving. The warm weather makes the asphalt mixture more manageable to work with and also helps it dry more smoothly.

4). Drying time: Overlaying asphalt requires patience and skill. Once the surface is installed, you need to make sure it has plenty of time to dry. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the surface to dry adequately. Be sure vehicles do not drive on the asphalt during this time. Using a surface before it’s completely dry can be detrimental to the functionality and appearance of the driveway or parking lot.

Asphalt is a very sturdy surface but as with anything, age and use will eventually wear it down, requiring you to either get a new surface or install an overlay. Which choice is best for you depends on the current state of your driveway or parking lot as well as your budget. In the meantime, be sure to continue maintaining your surface on a regular basis. Keeping asphalt as healthy as possible will make the process more seamless. Call Capital Paving today. We’re ready to get started on your overlay. 

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