Working with An Asphalt Company for your HOA Maintenance

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Working with An Asphalt Company for your HOA Maintenance

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Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) create beautiful and safe neighborhoods for those who live in them. We understand the importance of these communities and the safe atmosphere they provide. Part of that safe atmosphere comes from having well-maintained parking lots, walkways, and paved streets. Working with an asphalt company for your HOA maintenance is essential.

Why Maintenance of Asphalt is Important

Paving a road or parking lot is a significant investment for any property owner, and it may be tempting to assume that you need not do anything else to do it. However, this assumption could be determinantal to the lifespan of your asphalt.

Your HOA should regularly have someone inspect your asphalt for cracks, fading of painted spaces, whether parking lots are draining properly, or anything else that seems out of place.

If cracks are not addressed, they will not take long before they grow broader and more profound, causing more damage. Cracks can also cause injury if someone trips and falls, or if they cause potholes, they can damage cars and trucks.

How Sealcoating Helps Asphalt

Generally, asphalt must be resealed every three to five years to extend its lifespan. Over time the binder that holds asphalt together dries out and begins to break down. This will be visible because the pavement in your HOA will start to look grey instead of a deep black.

Oil, water, gasoline, UV rays, and other chemicals also cause damage to asphalt. Sealcoating replenishes the aging binder while creating a new barrier against these elements and chemicals. It also gives your asphalt a facelift by restoring the beauty of the deep black that it should be.

Crack Filling, Patch Repair, Resurfacing

When your HOA decides it is time to seal coat all the asphalt in your development, this is the ideal time to consider other repairs such as filling cracks, patching holes, and even considering the possibility of resurfacing if needed.

As we stated before, cracks may start small but can quickly progress into more significant issues if not addressed promptly. Several factors can cause cracks to form, such as the binder beginning to break down. Normal wear and tear from traffic can weaken your pavement over time, and the roots from plants can find their way into the asphalt. However, water is pavement’s most formidable foe.

If you live in an area with freezing temperatures for part of the year, watch for cracking from ice. Water can find its way into the smallest of spaces, and as it freezes, it expands and causes issues with your pavement. Before the colder months arrive, we suggest paying attention to the drainage of your paved areas to ensure no standing water. If you find issues with pooling water, contact a contractor to address this issue as soon as possible.

One of the benefits of asphalt is that it can be repaired easily, unlike other types of paving materials, such as concrete. If concrete is damaged, it must be dug up entirely and re-poured. Capital Paving & Sealcoating can patch potholes with hot asphalt when we come out to fill in cracks.

If the asphalt in your development is beginning to look rough even after it has been sealcoated a few times over the years, it may be time to consider resurfacing your pavement. Resurfacing is when the top layer of asphalt is removed and repurposed to create a new layer that looks just like new pavement has been laid down. The roadbed stays intact, and it is an excellent way to extend the life of your paving project while being economical.

Here at Capital Paving & Sealcoating, we understand the unique needs of HOA’s and the importance of keeping the asphalt in these communities looking its best for everyone who lives in them. We are always available to answer any questions and offer free estimates before work begins. If you are looking for a professional contractor who believes in quality work, contact us today to learn more!

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