How to Prepare for Asphalt Paving Season

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How to Prepare for Asphalt Paving Season

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With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about emerging from winter, and preparing for springtime activities. For those in the construction business, that means paving season will be starting up shortly, since temperatures will then be able to accommodate the laying down of new asphalt surfaces. In order to be prepared for the coming paving season, there are some things you can do to get a head start. This will allow you to hit the ground running when warm weather does finally show up, so you can get your paving business off to a good start.

Get your employees ready

One thing you’ll need to have ready to go is your paving crew. That means you may need to hire some additional employees, especially if you anticipate a busy spring. If you do end up hiring more employees, do as much training as possible with them before they actually get out on jobs. It will also be worth your while to develop an employee handbook which features safety precautions, guidelines for workers to observe, and procedures that you will typically be putting into practice.

Prepare your equipment

During the offseason, it’s a good idea to carry out all kinds of preventive maintenance tasks on your equipment, to be sure it’s ready for the coming season. If any kind of repairs are necessary, these should also be conducted during the offseason, so they don’t take away valuable business time when the weather gets warm. Use product user manuals in order to maintain equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications, and make sure all equipment is well lubricated and ready to perform.

Prepare personal protective equipment

Safety on the job is an absolute must, and if you have anyone new on the crew, it becomes twice as important. Make sure all your workers are well equipped with any necessary personal protective equipment, and make sure they’re aware of what constitutes proper attire on the job. Sturdy work boots and full length pants will provide significant protection to your employees from hot asphalt. Gloves are also necessary to protect hands, and hats are advisable under a hot sun.

Review scheduled work

Typically, during the offseason you’ll get projects lined up so they can be addressed when the weather breaks. This is a good time to contact clients and review project specifications, so that you’re ready to start tackling these jobs one after the other. You may also want to contact any vendors or suppliers you work with, to make sure you have sufficient materials on hand for those first few jobs. When you have reviewed your entire schedule of work for the upcoming spring, you’ll know what you have to do to prepare for those jobs, and you’ll be ready to get right to it when weather permits.

Enhance your online presence

Even if you do have a significant number of jobs lined up for the upcoming spring, you should not allow your marketing and advertising strategy to simply coast along. Keep in mind that many consumers these days are much more engaged with brands and businesses in their local area, because they connect with them through websites and social networks. Many consumers reach important decisions after consulting with peers and knowledgeable individuals on social media.

People who have already had a favorable experience with a company become excellent promoters for those companies, and provide referrals that can direct extra traffic and business to a contractor. If you’re not already active on social media, you should make a point of doing so this spring, because it will undoubtedly result in more customers and more projects. In addition, make sure to post favorable photos of work that you’ve done, so that you’ll have a visual testimony to the great work you do.

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