Does Your Asphalt Need Replacement Or Just Resurfacing?

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Does Your Asphalt Need Replacement Or Just Resurfacing?

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Asphalt driveways are bound to be subjected to tears and wear after years of constant use. Are you tired of seeing the deteriorating structure of your asphalt driveway? Are you tired of seeing cracks and potholes on the pavement of your driveway? Resurfacing and replacement are the two options that you have to consider when seal coating your driveway is not a suitable treatment option. They are highly efficient at restoring and enhancing the ethics of your driveway.

If you are wondering when your asphalt needs replacement or just resurfacing, then this article is specifically for you. However, both driveway treatment options have its benefits and the conditions under which they are necessary. Continue reading to discover more about asphalt replacement or asphalt resurfacing. With this, you will be able to determine which option is best suited for you.

What Is Asphalt Restructuring?

Asphalt Resurfacing simply means installing new asphalt over the existing/old one. Resurfacing extends the life expectancy of your asphalt pavement without the need to completely remove the structure of the asphalt. It usually increases the lifespan around 8-15 years. It is less expensive as fewer materials and machinery are required for the resurfacing. Prior to the installation of the new asphalt, the cracks and wears on the old pavement are repaired.

When Asphalt Pavements Should Be Resurfaced

This option is most suitable when the foundation of your driveway is still strong and undamaged. Resurfacing is recommended when it is only the structure of the top layer of the asphalt driveway is damaged. It can be fixed with the services of an asphalt company. This cost-effective approach to repairing an asphalt pavement should be used if you notice waterlogging or series of cracks that have a semblance of an alligator’s skin.

What Is Asphalt Replacement?

Asphalt replacement means the complete removal of the old and damaged asphalt pavement and replacing it with new asphalt. During the replacement process, the foundation and the top layer of the pavement are removed entirely. There are situations that call for the application of this pavement treatment option.

It also has a high cost of installation. The newly installed asphalt should have a longer lifespan as it is expected to last between 20-30 years with proper maintenance and care. It takes more time and resources to complete unlike resurfacing.

When Asphalt Pavement Should Be Replaced

Asphalt replacement is carried out if the asphalt pavement deteriorates that it cannot be fixed by resurfacing. You may consider asphalt replacement as a viable option if the resurfacing is draining your budget.

Most times this option is considered more suitable than resurfacing, as you would have a new pavement that would curtail the need for making regular repairs to a deteriorating driveway. This, in turn, saves money and time for you. By replacing your damaged asphalt pavement or driveway, you can be rest assured that the newly laid asphalt will serve you for years to come.

There you have it! The above is an overview of asphalt replacement and asphalt resurfacing, as well as when both options should be carried out. Given the price differences and their benefits, you can now choose the asphalt repair options to make your driveway look good again.

Nevertheless, before choosing any of the pavement repair options it is pertinent that you make evaluations on the degree of damage to your driveway. This can be done with the services of an asphalt company would enable you to make a proper choice in the adequate repairing option for your driveway.

Ensure that you hire an expert contractor to help inspect the condition of your pavement and driveway from time to time. With this, cracks and damages can be discovered on time. Adequate repairs will be carried out immediately.


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